Defending Donald Trump

Donald Trump is quite topical in the news these days. Most takes paint him in a negative light. This page is an attempt to counterbalance that situation.

I'm not trying to make this page balanced, with both defenses and honest criticisms. Criticisms of Trump are already common and widespread; what the world needs now in support of balance are more arguments in defense of Trump.

Donald Trump is rich, famous and powerful. Many people are motivated to hate the rich, famous and powerful, and/or conversely to support the downtrodden. I am not one of those people. I am motivated to counter falsehoods, to defend the misjudged and unfairly maligned irrespective of their power and privilege. I consider this personality trait of mine to be immutable and I suspect it is even genetically determined.

As for my other political positions, I am slightly to the right of center, but nowhere near as right-wing as America's republicans. I lean strongly towards classical liberalism, and I am somewhat anti-establishment (in the American case only).

I consider myself to be rather centrist and somewhat dispassionate on the topic of Donald Trump. I see a lot of faults but also a lot of skills in Donald Trump. I am neither a fanboy nor a hater. I don't think he has been the best president, but neither do I think he is as bad as the news media paints him. I would prefer Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang to take his place.

Nonetheless, do not presume me to be neutral. Take the arguments on their merits.

I'm no different from anybody else in that when I read a news article about Donald Trump, my first reaction is usually "Oh my God, Trump is such an idiot." But I am different than most people in that I usually follow up to see how accurately Trump was portrayed by the journalist. A surprising number of times, the news has judged him quite wrongly. And this is what I intend to correct.

The Arguments

To be written

I reserve the right to edit these pages at any time. Do not expect me to post corrections and leave the original mistakes, that's just more overhead than I'm willing to dedicate to this page. Even news agencies don't do that anymore.