Defending Donald Trump

Does Donald Trump Have a Strategy in the Middle East?

Answer: No he doesn't have a cohesive strategy, but that is actually a good thing

If you want to solve a puzzle game, having a strategy is a good idea. If you want to devise a way to eradicate a plague of rabbits, again having a cohesive strategy is a good idea. The Middle East situation is not like those other two examples in a very important way: It is highly dynamic, and the variables are out of the control of anyone who would devise a strategy.

If you were to come up with a cohesive strategy for the Middle East, you would very often have to modify it significantly. In such situations a strategy actually becomes a liability, because you set yourself up for thinking about things in a very particular way, the "old way" from the "prior strategy" and the mental effort required to let that go and accept the current situation is much greater than if you just didn't have a strategy to begin with.