Democrats should Praise Donald Trump for Pulling Out of Syria

I believe that the United States withdrawal from Syria is a good thing, and that the American media has got this thing 100% wrong because of Trump derangement syndrome.

When in the Arab Spring, a civil war broke out in Syria, the pro-Israel folks in concert with the military industrial complex saw an opportunity. Syria was a long time enemy of Israel (war in 1948, six day war, Yom Kippur war), and supports both Hezbollah and Hamas, with both Iran and Russia in support of Syria. Israel doesn't want Iran to get "the bomb." Fair enough.

In Hilary Clinton's wikileaked emails, she wrote "The best way to help Israel deal with Iran's growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad."

Barack Obama asked Congress to go to war in Syria against the Assad regime. Congress voted it down. Congress represents the American people. They didn't want this.

Because Obama could not directly wage war without congressional approval, he sent in troops to root out ISIS, who happened to be (in part) in Syria. While there, America supported Kurdish rebels who were fighting Assad... so technically America wasn't fighting Assad directly. Russia moved in to support Assad, essentially applying a counterveiling force that negated America's efforts.

Subsequently the war escalated and splintered and the country fell into complete mayhem. Refugees from the region flooded into Europe in the millions.

The way I see it, this is America's fault. The civil war would have never blown up to such proportions if America had stayed out of Syria. Now Europe has to deal with the flood of migrants this created, and all of us mourn for the immense number of lives lost. The United Nations war crimes investigators have expressed alarm at the staggering number of civilian deaths caused by US-backed forces.

ISIS is now at less than 1% of the capacity that they had when the U.S. entered Syria. The U.S. does not need to remain in Syria to stamp out that last 1% because everyone is against ISIS including Assad, Russia, Turkey, pretty much all the major factions in Syria are fighting ISIS.

The only reason to remain in Syria is to fight the Assad regime. The only people who want this are the Israel lobby and the Military industrial complex. Congress voted AGAINST this, even when Assad was proven guilty of using chemical weapons. The American people are against the military actions underway in Syria.

Democrats historically have been anti-war. The fact that they seem to all be pro-war at this point is evidence of what has been called "Trump derangement syndrome," a syndrome that people who oppose trump fall into, which drives them to oppose everything he says and does, even if they would otherwise agree with it.

The liberal media who feed the world media are now fully aligned with the Democrat elites in Washington D.C. and are pro-Israel, pro-Wall Street and pro-War. These are all stances that Democrats have historically been on the other side of. The DNC ignores the democratic voters, ignoring the fact that Bernie Sanders was their elected candidate. The DNC has been overrun by neo-liberals who only care about Israel, Banksters, and the military industrial complex. The advisors and establishment elites in Washington D.C. belong to that same ilk. This is the swamp that Donald Trump campaigned about.

Donald Trump is draining the swamp, just like he promised he would do. Donald Trump is bringing the troops home, just like he promised he would do. Donald Trump is fulfilling the wishes of the American people. And the elites in Washington D.C. are kicking and screaming.

Even if everything "the Don" has done so far was wrong, Democrats should be cheering this move.

Full disclosure: this article was written by a Libertarian, not a Democrat.