Honk Honk

You don't have to agree with the Trucker Freedom Convoy and protest in Ottawa. Many are anti-vax, and the vast majority are anti-mandate and anti-lockdown. I'm not interested in addressing that that issue here. What I'm concerned about is much more serious: the right to peaceably assemble and protest the government.

Terrorism is being used as an excuse to cut off funds to a legal protest in Canada. I've warned repeatedly that Western governments have been inching towards tyrrany. This is direct and clear supression of political adversaries. There is not even a tiny hint of terrorism here. Do you see it now? Freedom is gone in the West. Right-wing ideas are not just disrespected, they are criminalized. Governments are lying in order to violate basic human rights.

At request of the State (Ottawa police), gofundme.com froze the donations to the truckers at their go fund me campaign. Ottawa police issued a statement confirming they'd met with GoFundMe officials. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson earlier called on GoFundMe to dissociate itself from the convoy and its fundraising efforts.

In related news, the US White House called on Spotify to censor Joe Rogan. This call is in violation of the constitution which clearly intended the executive branch to respect human rights, just as it intended the legislative branch to do so via the first amendment.

Report by Justice Center that CCTV cameras have been turned off, that organizers are working with local police and following all laws

Report from Campaign Organizers, they are confident about their legal position

On the street reporting by Harrison Faulkner

News report out of India about Justin Trudeau not responding in the way he insisted India respond to a similar uprising

Keith Wilson, Q.C. (agrees with me)